Touch Screen | Tactile Brand Experience

Touch | Best Bang for Budget

Not only do touch screens physically get the attention and interaction of the user, but they also have the ability to re-purpose the experience beyond the lifetime of an event. Especially on smaller devices like laptops, smart phones and tablets.

IMAGINE: A sale pitch to a prospective customer could be as impromptu and convenient as saying, "give me one second to show you something". Then click on an icon from a mobile device. No matter where you are ... strike when the time is right!

When integrated into a mobile app, the interactive screens can also present and forward PDF brochures, videos and other marketing materials. Directly and immediately to the prospect via text or email.

Redefining paperless.
Redefining real-time.

Once built, the interactive environment is easily and cost-effectively updatable. Build it once. Use it many. Update as necessary.

  • 3d rendering
  • design
  • heavy equipment
  • interactive
  • live event
  • technology