Telsmith | Rock Crushing Equipment

Telsmith | Rock Crushing Equipment

When your products are larger than a 2-story house (and weigh even more), it can become difficult demonstrating how they function and the details that differentiate you from competitors.

The unique solution we brought to Telsmith allowed customers to interactively explore those details. Via multiple 80" interactive screens situated beneath each of their rock crushing products. A simple touch initiates the experience including ability to rotate these massive pieces of equipment (virtually) to positions and angles one could never achieve in real-life.

Once positioned, the customer could enter the product via 3D and literally see the essential features in motion. The interactive screens also archived brochures, videos and other marketing materials so the entire trade show booth was 'paperless'.

After the event, the screens were setup in the lobby and the app was installed on iPads for the sales people to use in the field. Adding even more value to the entire project.

  • 3d rendering
  • cost savings
  • design
  • heavy equipment
  • interactive
  • live event